Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Milky Foot winner!

Hello!!! :)

So I ran a Milky foot give-away competition where you could win yourself a Milky Foot intense exfoliating foot pad!

I asked that you tell me why you deserve beautiful feet to look at all winter long.
I had a few complaints from people not being able to comment on the comments section below so I had some of you commenting on my fb page instead. See below for the responses.

I also had 2 of you being able to comment on the blog and these are the responses.

It's so hard to choose and I'm very sad that I only have one exfoliating foot pad to give away, but it's a competition and someone has to walk away with the prize right?

Firstly, Asenathi (FB comment). your story is very touching and I absolutely love that you're helping your family out, but I'm finding it hard to believe that you would stand for 7 months without a break? Nah girl...A little exaggeration to win maybe? I know you probably didn't mean it literally...

Secondly, Model Citizen. Girl I completely understand how hard it must be to be a student living on a very low budget. The last thing you think about it getting a pedi. And yes I do agree, it would be nice to treat yourself to something nice.

Lastly, Thuto Gaelesiwe. I actually can't stand being in heels, but I wear them because they do look good when you're looking for that 'dressed-up' glam look, but it's always such a relief when I take them off... so I feel your pain in every way!

It was very hard to choose a winner, so I decided to put all these 3 names in a hat and asked Zola Hashatsi ( Craz-e presenter and colleague) to pull out a name and the name his hand pulled out is......

Drum roll please......................


I'll have more give-aways in future so don't despair if you didn't win this time.
Let's all be happy for Thuto!!

The Black Pearl