Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Proud Of Me


Brand new day and it's freezing like.. like... like... something really cold..!!
Wishing for warmer days... hence the picture .

Ok,so I don't update as much as I'd like to and that's not cool. I feel like I'm failing at this.

This is my second post and I'm very excited as I write this.

Not because I won the lotto ,although I wish I had, the roll-over was a massive 75 million rands.. damn!
But I'm excited because I just am.. no I'm lying!

I'm excited because I bought a brand new car!! YES!!!
A little gift to myself because.... well...honestly...? I deserve it!

I've always dreamt of owning one and now that I have it, it really feels good.
I feel like I have worked towards something great!
I'm so proud of me! I did it by myself, all alone, with no one's help whatsoever!
Independence is so fulfilling.

My first car, like any other first car was a lil problematic but I didn't sell it!
I gave it to my sister... who was so happy to take it.(talk about loving freebies, lol)
It's still my baby though! My Champagne! (That's what I call it).

This new car will be a huge responsibility though, but I feel like it's purpose in my life is to push me to work even harder (in order to keep it.. he he he) and get more out of life...!!

Planning on moving outta home as well, baby steps...

I am ready for the take-over!!
I'm so proud of the woman I am becoming.

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  1. wow great stuff.hope you gona enjoy life with ur new car and go places with it;)..u truelly are an inspiration pearl,i love u.Lebo T