Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sistahood : Behind The Scenes

We had a great time shooting the September Sistahood episodes and these are some of the wonderful people that joined us.

This is Kriya, Gill and I. Of course, the presenters.

This is Warrick Stock also known as DJ Warras.
He's a radio and club DJ. Really fun guy!And he's got a gorgeous son!

How hot are these boys?? No, you're not seeing double... they're twins!
I can't remember which one is which , but they call themselves Twins On Decks.

Babs, Matapa Maila and I.

This is Sharna and Louise. They own an amazing boutique in Melville, MSC Boutique. I think it's so cute that MSC stands for My Sister's Closet boutique.
And their outfits are to die for!

We had a MSC boutique fashion show as well. These are what some of the clothes look like. To die for right? I love the red dress!

Bonnie Henna also joined us for a chat! She's beautiful inside and out. She is so comfortable with herself , who she is and what she's about. I like that!

This is Cleopatra Simelane. She's an actress and she runs her own magazine called RECESS which she distributes t for free around High Schools. Yep, young and doing big things!

All in all, a wonderful shoot!!
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