Saturday, June 23, 2012

Milky Foot Give-Away!!

So I've been gone for soooo long! I know , I know, I promised I wouldn't do it again and I did.
I come bearing gifts so you're not allowed to be mad!! Deal? Good!

Gifts in the form of an intense exfoliating foot pad!

Yes it's winter and no one really sees your feet because they're always covered in socks and boots right?
YOU see your feet ALL THE TIME and you deserve beautiful feet to look at, even in winter... so I'm giving away this foot pad that promises great results!
Your feet will become as smooth and as soft as silk!;)

To win this box, you need to comment below and tell me why you deserve beautiful feet to look at all winter long.
I haven't tried this exfoliating foot pad yet because I want us to try it together (no, not together as in you do my feet and I do yours, hahah, no!). Together as in around the same time frame... and I'll have another blog post with the results.
I have no doubt it's going to be amazing!

So leave a comment below :)

Chat soon.
The Black Pearl


  1. Have never gotten a pedi in my life and i'm also a broke student... Would be nice;)

  2. I think I deserve beautiful feet because my feet r the most 'worn-out' part of the body. I mean I drag 'em just about anywhere,having to fit em in close pointed or stiletto shoes then have em walk steep stairways. If they could only talk, I swear they would want to curse me. So my feet being the most dead-beat part I think they deserve some pampering.