Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Häagen-Dazs give-away!

Here's something that'll put a spring to your step!
If you're much of an ice cream lover like I am, you're going to love me for this one!

What comes to mind when you think ''Häagen-Dazs''?
Well that's what you need to tell me to win!

They have launched a new variety of ice cream called Secret Sensations.
What's so divine about this new variety?
They've gone and added hidden caramel or chocolate centres which explode at the touch of your spoon - for some extra indulgence they’ve added brownie and caramel chunks in their yummy flavours, Crème Brulee and Chocolat Fondant.

I bet you can already feel it melting in your mouth!

After a long year of being busy and trying to better yourself, surely you deserve it right?
I certainly think so!!

So leave your name below and answer the question above to win yourself a voucher for these tasty treats!
Indulgence at its best!

Good luck!

The Black Pearl


  1. Nokukhanya

    Heaven on Earth...A striking mouthwatering taste with an enticing quality which leaves you wanting more.Delicate Indulgence.

  2. Zanele

    When I think Häagen-Dazs ice cream, I think "that not to be disturbed moment when all the worries of the world disappear for that short space of time and everything is OK, everything is FINE. That moment that obliterates all the worlds meaningless cares"

  3. It tantalizes my taste buds and oozes quality as the first drop enters my mouth all other thoughts escape and its all about taking the next spoonful.

  4. Summer and Travel !The two things i only get to truly indulge in after a year of hard work and stressful exams ,and bite for delicious bite Haagen Dazs represents this well deserved freedom that you just want to sit in a corner alone and savor for a moment.

  5. I left a message on this but it seems to have vanished :o(