Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My acting debut on SCANDAL tonight!!!

Hello and Happy New Year!!

Yeah, I do realise it's 23 days into the year! hahaha.
I am super excited today!

The big reason is because I make my big acting debut on Scandal tonight.
Acting has always been a big passion of mine and I am eternally grateful and happy that it's on a platform of this magnitude!
Scandal is one show that I've always been a fan of and being part of the cast is a feeling I cannot describe!

I play the role of Kefilwe, here's a quick breakdown of how she fits into the storyline.
''Donna is on a mission against the Nyathi’s and her secret weapon comes in the form of Kefilwe, a young and feisty girl who catches Mangi’s eye. But with a track record of substance abuse and ulterior motives, Kefilwe sets in motion the possible demise of NZH’s new CEO…''

That's all I'm saying for now!
I'm excited yet very nervous as well.
I do hope you enjoy it!!

Catch SCANDAL tonight at 19h30 on



  1. Hey Pearl,you were great on scandal yesterday.Looking forward to seeing your character grow,sounds like she will be interesting.

  2. Hi Linda

    Thank you very much for watching and for the positive response.
    Kefilwe does certainly have a few things up her sleeve.
    Keep watching :)

    Lots of love and thank you for visiting my blog

  3. Hi Pearl
    I really enjoyed watching you on scandal.
    I think you played the role very well and in my opinion you should have stayed longer.

    All the same you made quiet an impression on most scandal viewers.
    Kefilwe will continue to live in our hearts.

    Not to confuse fiction with reality,i'll end here but i must say i like your blog.