Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New HAIR!!!

So I decided to switch things up a bit since it's starting to get a little cold. I decided to ditch the short and go long!

I honestly missed having long hair!
I loved rocking it short, it was edgy and different, but I was getting bored.

I am so in love with this one.
I used Demi Godess Mongolian hair extensions in different lengths. 16'' , 18'' and 20'' , to create different layers.
For the top bit, I used a top lace closure to cover the weave.

A lot of people think it's a full lace wig, but no it isn't. Just a closure ;)

You like it? You can create the very same hairstyle with gorgeous hair extensions from Demi Godess!

Telephone : 012 993 3561
Email :
Website :

I got my hair done by Carmel at Midori salon in Sandton, one of my favourite places to visit! They're absolutely wonderful and their service is top notch!
You can give them a ring on 011 784 3448
They're an eco friendly salon specialising in all types of hair from all ethnicities!
Check out their website :

How are you switching it up this winter?
I'd love to know!!

The Black Pearl


  1. So moving from Yfm even caused you to change you hair...,but you look stunning #ILike

  2. Oh this is so lovely ..thanks for giving us the full on details

  3. You beautiful pearl .. N you really inspire me sweetheart

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