Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So I have finally accepted that going MIA is part of my make up...
This fact has been difficult to come to terms with, but I have made the decision to be honest with myself..

It's a sad reality for me because I absolutely love being part of this blogging space and it might also be a sad thing for you who enjoys reading my random posts.

So why would I go ahead and accept this sad reality of not being able to commit to blogging every day you ask?...  Or once a week at least?
Well, I don't have the answer to that except to tell you that I'll try my hardest to post  every day often - I've scratched out 'every day' because it's something I promised to do some time last year, and  have failed dismally at it! And I hate failing.... at anything, so I'll avoid it this time around and also save another broken promise.

I can, however, promise that I'll be more open with my life this year!

That's good right? 
It'll make up for all the times you paid a visit to my blog only to find a post that you read 2 weeks ago! Right? Of course!

And here I am now, walking away guilt-free and boy does it feel good!

I hope you've been taking good care of yourself, I certainly have...
I'm happy!

Pearl Modiadie

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  1. Happy looks good on you (as do those shades.) Blogger guilt is so real, O. I went on "hiatus" toward the end of last year because of circumstances and promised to come back stronger this year but as I type this I've content ideas sitting around but have not published since last Monday. Ngisazicabanga en ting. But I really would rather be writing/photographing/commenting more but alas.