Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Look and..... WOOLWORTHS!

This is what I wore yesterday! A very chilled look that I love! One great thing about having a boyfriend is that I get to wear his clothes! hahaha. 
I can't let go of his trackpants simply because I think they look so much better on me. 
They go just below the knee when he wears them and become full on long tracks when worn by me! 

Did you notice my hair? 
Yes, it's shorter now! This is just after it made its debut just last week! 
I was shooting an incredibly exciting campaign for Woolworths 3 days ago and they decided that shorter hair would look better with the looks they were trying to achieve.
I agree, it worked with the outfits I wore for the upcoming winter campaign but I can't help but miss my long hair!
 I'll try stay with the short for a week and see how I feel thereafter. You never know, I might just want to keep it short for a very long time. 
My stay in Cape Town was short-lived and it was all work and no pleasure, which is really hard to complain about when work feels like pleasure!
I had a great time shooting the Woolworths TV commercial and photo stills and will definitely fill you in or post a pic or 2 when the campaign launches in March!

Here are some pics that the girls and I took at the shoot! 
We are the 6 final faces of the Woolworths '14 winter campaign and I feel so blessed so have made the cut!
This is definitely one of my career highlights!

My short hair after the big chop!
Sharing a moment with Angelique.

When in doubt...pout!

Angelique has thee coolest tattoo of a sunflower! All of us actually thought it was a sticker!
She loves sunflowers!

Some behind the scenes action with Neo.

Angelique, me, Shannon,Neo,Melody and Minnie. Wait! is that a photo bomber? That's Mike!
We were all saying goodbye.

Melody can never take a bad pic even if she tried! Love her!

Minnie and I. She's super awesome!

Neo! She can talk for daaaaays! Wonderful lady with a great personality. Did I mention kick-ass model?

Neo was born to model!
She works it in front of the camera...effortlessly!

In make-up

Angelique and I are gangsters ok! I just need to look meaner! Gangsters don't smile!

Myself and the gorgeous Melody Molale (she's married and making it look so good!)
She makes me want to get married! ( I hope my boy is not reading this)

The lovely blonde bombshell, Shannon!

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Pearl Modiadie


  1. Damn that boyish look , you killed it Pearl and those pants ,,,, i can steal and rock em any given time , i love them . Oh congrats on your Woolworths winter campaign

  2. A Woolies girl? Nice! More shine to you. I enjoy this Cici bob incarnate on you. Cool look too.