Friday, March 14, 2014

Yo! It's Friday


I went MIA again!! I deserve a spanking, lol!
I'm working on my website so very soon I will be moving the blog there and this one will unfortunately have to shut down!
I'll keep you updated as to when that will be and hope that you can join me there.

I am so excited to see how it all comes together, I had an entire photo shoot for the website and haven't seen the final images yet, but will give you a little tease once I have them!
All in all, I'm still very well and happy!
Everyone has been complaining about the sudden change in weather here in Johannesburg, but I'm enjoying the rain and slight cold.
I'm just not too happy about the potholes on the road and the mild floods affecting certain areas.

It's Friday! woop!
And you won't believe this, but I'm actually going to a club tonight! hahaha, I haven't been in quite some time and so I'm really looking forward to it.
A friend of mine is celebrating his birthday party so I'll be letting my hair down tonight!

I'll post a few pics this weekend.
Have a great one and be safe out there.

Pearl Modiadie


  1. Hello Pearl,I'm a new blogger and I need help with putting my photo on the background... Thank u!

  2. Hey Beautiful, looking Beautiful as ever. I like your site.