Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, but the cold! Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

It's June 26 2011 and I can't wait until the winter season is over!! It's flippen cold!! On my way home from work this morning, the temperature was 4 degrees!
4 degrees? That's nothing compared to the cold I felt when I was in Amsterdam last year December.
It was their winter and I think the worst that I experienced was -10degrees , snow and all.. so what's 4 degrees? Nothing!

Oh boy, why am I fooling myself? 4 degrees IS cold...
Getting up for work has become such a mission. I don't know how many times I press the snooze button...5 more minutes please!
I hate that's it's still dark when I get up for work. I hate that it's already dark when I leave work at 5pm. I hate having to wear layers and layers of clothing (Makes dressing up interesting though). I hate that my body insists that I eat more...(kinda enjoy the eating part, but the results will not be too pleasing). I hate not feeling like going out for anything, not even to buy newspapers or meet up with friends for lunch.

Ok, I've been using the word 'hate' this whole time. It's quite a strong word.Let's replace it with 'dislike'.. Much better!!

So ya, I dislike winter!!
I will never ever complain about the sun being too hot!
I will never complain about anybody's sweat smell.
I will not complain about having to have my aircon on all the time in the car.
I will not complain about getting a little darker because of the sun.

So can we please fast forward to 2 months from now?
Pweeeety please???

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