Monday, November 21, 2011

The ALL WHITE Red Pepper Xmas party

So besides being a TV and Radio presenter, I also work as a Content Producer for Sistahood at Red Pepper Pictures - amazing job this is! We always have our annual Christmas party and of course I look forward to it every single year. Not because of the food - well that's one of the reasons (lol), but also because our parties are always themed! I am crazy about themed parties!! This just gives me a chance to dress up, have fun with the outfits and I also look forward to seeing what everyone else will be wearing.

We had a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme 2 years ago and that was pretty exciting. I wish I had pics but I can't find them anywhere... ok, I honestly haven't really looked.

But let's focus on this year. The theme was 'all white' and yes even thought I love wearing black so much, I was excited to be wearing white... ALL WHITE!
See? Themed parties also get you out of your comfort zone, you wear clothes you wouldn't normally wear. So off I went and raided my wardrobe and guess what I found? A long white skirt and a white top! :)

Here are some of the pics that we took on the day. I won't explain what's happening on each and every one of them. A picture is worth a thousand words remember?

I had so much fun!!
We were there, did what we needed to do and left!
Now all we have are beautiful memories!!
Til next year! :)

Lots of love

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