Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So often people ask me why I wear a lot of black clothes. It's actually become a very annoying question because I feel the need to explain myself all the time, like I'm doing something wrong or like they have a problem with me loving the colour.
For the last time, this is why.

I really have no idea where my obsession with this colour began and it honestly is just that - an obsession!
I am drawn to black clothing and I love the looks and styles I'm able to create with this colour.
Besides the slimming factor (that I think every woman loves), I just feel really amazing in black and that's what matters to me. I do obviously wear other colours and with colour blocking in season, you're sure to catch me looking like a smarties box, but you can never go wrong with black ... It's very classy! Even when I'm not full on black, I at least have to have one black item on. When I do sometimes go all black, I'd try a piece of colourful accesory or shoes.
Geez, is this me trying to explain myself? I really shouldn't be explaining myself.
And I don't think anyone should have to explain their style or preference too. If people don't get it, they don't.. Thing is, they don't have to get it.

It's your style after all...

Love yourself

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