Friday, December 30, 2011

So .. like.. ya hey.. I'm 24!!!!!

And this is exactly how the whole day was... easy and very simple.
It's always the smallest and meaningful things that are heart-felt... well, when it comes to me anyway!
I must say, I do feel a little grown up.
I'm not even joking... I just have this different outlook on life.
Life has always been full of possibilities and this time I feel like I'm actually ready to go out there and explore those endless possibilities.
It's a really exciting time!

Birthdays are in theory at least, happy occasions where we celebrate rights of passage that can now befall us. At 13 it meant that I could finally be called a teenager and blame everything on my adolescent stage ; at 16 it meant that I could get my I.D and learners license, at 18 it meant that I was legal to drink alcohol and start driving on my own, 21… meant I was officially legal to sign my own marriage papers.. hehehe...(I can't imagine being married at 21, but hey different strokes right?
Now, 24... Old enough to know better and still young enough to find my feet.
This of course also means that I''m a year closer to paying lower car insurance premiums! woo hoo to that!

World... I'm 24 and oh so ready for you!

Loving me


  1. Happy Happy Birthday. All the year's possibilities are at ya feet.

  2. Thank you so much Shanah! I wanna follow your blog too!! :)

  3. happy belated pearl..May God richly blessed you and incraese your length of days..MUCH LOVE..

  4. HI Del Piero . Thank you so so so much! :)