Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling sick - Back at work - Cheers to 2012

What a start to my year...
4 days in and I'm already sick. No, not sick of the year... my immune system just couldn't fight a virus that got into my system!

I've got a fever of note, a runny nose , a scratchy throat and I just feel so frustratingly weak.

I went and got some meds at the pharmacy so I should be sorted in no time.
It's just yucky to not feel 100% me.

On a positive note - it feells amazing to be back home!
I'm definitely enjoying the warm African sun again, I love summer and I wish I could go on a long holiday around the world just to follow summer wherever it goes...
Now that would be the life.

It was also my first day at the office today.
It was very chilled and it's honestly a little hard to get out of holiday mode into work mode.
I'm also going back to do radio this weekend!
I really missed it and I can't wait to be on air again!

It's a brand new year!
Another chance to get it right!!!
Cheers to 2012, to the top we go!!! :)

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