Monday, February 13, 2012

Fat mirrors and Valentine's Day

It's a Monday evening and I'm so chilled on my couch. I had a long day which was absolutely amazing. I always say this to my friends and it's true... if I could just film everyday for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy chappie. I love being in front of the camera.

So I was shooting today and as soon as we wrapped, a shopping bug hit me! I just felt like shopping.. yeap, in the middle of the month...a day before Valentine's Day... right after a long ass shoot; all I wanted to do was shop and off I went to Cresta!

I went to Mr. Price and I swear their sizes change every month. A size 32 that fit me last month couldn't fit anymore and to top that, a 34 also refused to fit properly! I'm not in denial here, but I know for a fact that I didn't gain any weight!
And what is up with stores and their mirrors? They always have these mirrors that just seem to magnify every single dimple on your thighs.
Even the smallest of bruises becomes so large, you'd swear you were bitten by a frog instead of a mosquito (hahah, I know that frogs don't bite, I just thought it would be a funny comparison ok).
And NO, before you even think it, I don't have self-esteem or body issues.. it was just an observation that I'm sure you also thought about.
If not, next time you go to a department store... have a look at how much bigger you are in the mirror. Use the one in the fitting room.

If I owned a store, I'd remove all the 'fat' mirrors. How do they expect women to purchase clothing if the mirrors don't make them feel thin or sexy?
Dude, every woman wants to feel thin... not exactly be thin, but to at least feel it.
Where does one buy 'thin' mirrors? I think I'm onto something here. I could make a killing if I had a store that had thin mirrors.. if you feel great in something, you immediately want to buy it.

On to other news, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I'm so happy I could hug a tree. It's so weird how people don't understand my excitement though, they're on about Valentine's Day being overrated and asking why they should only express their love once a year. It's not even about that, not in my world anyway.
I reckon all the small cute things that you experience with your partner add up throughout the year and then can’t contain themselves anymore, so they explode on the 14th of Feb … yeah I crack myself too.

It feels to me like you’re renewing your ‘vows’ with your partner… it’s like an anniversary, just with a lot of couples and a few singles around the world joining in your party to celebrate all that is love.

I'm a hopeless romantic and a die-hard love fan.

I’ll be making people smile tomorrow morning. Mika Stefano, a celeb blogger asked me and other media personalities to hand out roses at an intersection in Johannesburg. Yep, we’ll be handing them out to motorists, it should be fun! I’m really excited…
I have a white top that I’ve already put aside, if only I had a red bow.
You’d be embarrassed wouldn’t you? A red and white outfit on Valentine’s Day? Who does that? I do that! I want to do that, I just don’t have a red bow to wear on my head!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

P.S : Don’t hate on Valentine’s Day, it just wants to be loved… come on.
And if you're going to go on a shopping spree, take your own mirror from home. There's a reason why you still have it... you trust it. If not, you'll go back home empty handed from your 'shopping spree' ... blame those mirrors at Mr.Price.

(ssshhhh....I lie, I bought the cutest skirt.. I'll blog about it soon).

I love love, I love loving and I love being loved


  1. Hahahaha ur so funny Pearl, and it's so true hey>>>i hate fitting rooms hey,i always look bigger than i am Lol>Thanx for making my day Pearly!!!!


  2. I'm glad I did that! hahah, good to know I'm not the only one.