Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spreading love on Vday

So I told you I'd be handing out roses to motorists on Valentine's Day. Myself and other media personalities gathered on Corner William Nicol and Sandton Drive in the early hours of Valentine's Day. We did what we went there to do.. put smiles on people's faces in a proudly South African way!
Some motorists were quite reluctant when they saw me approaching, refusing to open their windows until I'd shout " It's FREE" !! hehehe , I'd do the same. If it's free , hey you don't have to ask me again.. I'll take it!
Some just wouldn't take the roses regardless, oh well... their loss right?
All in all, such a fun morning and what better way to spend the day than by spreading and giving love to complete strangers.
A big congratulations and thank you to GP's gossip gangster Mika Stefano for putting this together and the team behind the initiative... Proudly South African.
You can visit Mika's blog here.

Here are some of the photos below.
These photos were not taken by me but by Mika's personal photographer.
You can see more of these pics here

What? You thought that was the only thing I did on Valentine's Day?
You're soooo mistaken child!
Vuzu and 5FM had their annual LoveSucks party!!
It was pretty cool to see a lot of single people in one place hoping to find love...
This is what Lee-Roy, El and I looked like when we arrived.

Pic courtesy of
Photographer : Dennis

All in all, a really wonderful Valentine's Day!
And... I received roses from a not so secret admirer.. ya... I found out who he was!
Bummer!!!! I wish I didn't... don't ask!


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