Monday, March 12, 2012

NeighbourGoods Market

Cape Town's original gourmet market is now experienced by Jo'burgers in Braamfontein! Hoo ray to that!
Friends of mine have BEEN asking me to join them and I finally decided to go 3 weeks ago.I was so mad at myself for not going earlier.
This is my bit of Cape Town in Jozi!
The food, the drinks, the people and the vibe all make you feel like you're in some place far from the city!
I had a blast of a time, here are pics below to prove it.
I couldn't load all of the pics because I'm only allowed anything that doesn't exceed 8MB... come on blogspot, seriously!!!
And I think the picture story starts from the bottom up...

I'm definitely going back soon.
In the meantime....
The Black Pearl


  1. I think some things were designed just so I could experience them [even if it's just once in my life] this being one of them. I'll make my way there one day. Great snaps.

    PS: Is that closer-to-God 'fro all Funeka? I love it!
    PPS: I love Freshlyground's Zithande.
    I shall stop murmuring now.

    Love from Jo'burg

  2. Hi Nomali

    You have got to in yesterday, trust me you'll fall in love with the place.
    Yes! That's Funeka! How amazing is she? Such an awesome spirit with style to match.
    I actually haven't heard Freshly Ground's Zithande.
    I'll go check it out on youtube now.

    Lots of love back at ya babe :)

  3. I'm excited just thinking about all the goodies I could buy [who are we kidding!], all the goodies I will get to see and touch and the dreams about the goodies that'll have me waking in a cold sweat. Le sigh

    Love from Jo'burg