Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tried something new...

So.... I did say I'd try something new every week right?
What did I do this week?
I wore a dress WITHOUT any stocking underneath!!

You're probably wondering why I am so excited about my little accomplishment...

Thing is, for the longest time I've been very insecure about my legs! I have not exposed my legs to the world in years because I've always thought I had big knees. I still think I do, but I just don't care anymore!

Friends would always go on about how they didn't understand my obsession and why I was even hiding my legs, but that's the thing about insecurities, people don't see what you see.

For YEARS, I wore long pants and because I really love short dresses, I always wore them with 'cover up' and since I'm on TV, I'd always get questions about this and I'd always come up with some excuse about how I just love the way outfits look with stocking on, how this look just made me stand out...blah blah blah...

Not anymore! 

I may not have the ''perfect'' legs, but I have legs!
I can walk, I can run, I am healthy, I'm alive.... and for that I am grateful.
People have much bigger problems out there!

I love every bit of my body, flaws and all!
Learning to love your body begins by letting go of those socially imposed ideals that are supposed to make the 'perfect' human being.

This is me, take me as I am.... 'big knees', thick thighs and all!

Any insecurities you have/had that you'd like to share?

Pearl Modiadie


  1. Yes my arms , i always felt like they were too small n long as im a slender but i've learnt to embrace them over the years and i show them off without worrying . No more long sleeved t-shirts or wearing of jerseys everyday . ;-)

  2. You know Miss Pearl; I have the exact same issue. I have kept my legs hidden for the longest time because I'm self-conscious about my knees. I feel like they're just too big. LOL. I feel like people look straight down at my knees when I'm wearing a short skirt. But I figured its all in the mind. They don't see what I see.

    I absolutely love these cute little dresses that girls rock in summer, much like the one your wearing in your photograph. So iv decided to rock em too...with no cover! Hell they look good on me! Hahaha

    PS: You look fabulous, I reckon you look great without the stalkings.

  3. Pretty Mpaks - Hey babe, thank you for stopping by my blog and I'm so glad that me sharing also encouraged you to share what your insecurities are. I can't believe the measures we go through to 'hide'. Imagine long-sleeved tops and jerseys in this JHB heat! I'm so glad you've embraced your long arms! Our flaws are what make us unique, let's embrace them :)!! I'm proud of you for that.

    Take care


  4. Hi Anonymous...

    No way! I thought I was the only one with that problem! You probably thought you were the only one too right? Knowing that someone else has the exact same issue that you have kinda makes you feel better about it don't you think?

    Thank you for sharing your story too!
    hell it's hot! Let's rock these summer dresses, I have so many in my wardrobe that I kept, for the day my knees became smaller! hahahaha, no chance of that happening!

    Enjoy showing your legs off and thank you for the compliment.

    Lots of love

  5. I used to have an obsession with my arms and as a result I would never walk around with just a vest. I always wore a cardigan or a jacket to cover up. But about 2 years ago I started 'exposing' my arms with nothing to cover them. Now my arms don't bother me at all.

  6. Yes, wena ghel. It's so weird because by standards my legs should probably be the one thing I'm self-conscious about (I've like six scars on my left leg and thighs) but I made a conscious decision to just let them live, ya know? But as I started going into the city more (first for school then for work) I grew aware on the stares and catcalls. So I'm now one of those people who sits and says "am I going via the city today? Will I go to any of the ranks? How will item x work in commute? It's limiting but is the price of peace of mind. The last time I wore a short skirt in that vicinity someone's dad called out a taxi "uyeke lento oyidlayo" *rolls eyes*

    really glad you've overcome this inhibition.