Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lee-Roy's 3rd degree burn!!

Lee-Roy and I licking his 3rd degree burn

Lee-Roy happily licking his burn!! No pain at all? Really?

Hahahahahahahah!!! Don't tell me you're one of those who fell for this! You are? Come on!! Well it is quite convincing.
Lee-Roy had a Frenzy shoot today and one of the guests on the show was a special effects make-up artist.
She created this amazing 3rd degree burn! Awesome isn't it?
I posted it on facebook and people went crazy!! Like we were evil or something. One person even accused us of being Satanists and even called me the 'B' word! No.. not Beautiful, not even Bootylicious.
The other 'B' word. Seriously? I deleted him immediately. I have no time for such!
Some people take life way too seriously.

Big ups to the make-up artist ( I forgot to get her name), but great job!!!
I want to have something like this done on my face, then ask Lee-Roy to lick it like he did with my pimple.. hahahha ok, maybe not!!

Take care