Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Salamina Mosese

You know, it's not everyday that you come across a phenomenal individual who touches your heart. Someone you just get along with, without trying too hard!

I think in every competitive industry including mine, it's not often that you genuinely connect with someone and get a chance to admire the person they are on a one-on-one level.
I guess this may be because life in the entertainment industry is so fast-paced, with everyone always rushing somewhere, everyone always having something to do or having other people to interact with when we all get together at can get chaotic.

I'm very lucky to host a music talk show that gives me an opportunity to sit down with different media personalities and get to know them and their 'make-up'. Somehow my personality allows me to make instant connections with my guests which makes for great TV. Don't get me wrong, as good as they are for TV,they're also quite real. They don't all, however, live outside of the TV space.

Salamina Mosese was one of the guests on my show; her and I connected on a level I can't even find words to explain. She is such a beautiful woman with the warmest personality and one of the most authentic people I have ever encountered in my life.
She bares her soul without any fear of judgement ,she's quite a lady and her humility shines through every word she utters.
On the show she spoke openly about her life and even cried during her interview.
A good cry is always needed so I joined in and it felt great to be able to let it all out with Salamina.

I can't remember the first day I met her, but I know we both started on the same TV platform, a kiddies show called Craz-e! She started presenting years before I joined the team and I remember her leaving the show when I had just started in 2006.
She has since been involved in a lot of other productions as an actress and TV host and it's been amazing to witness her growth , both in her professional and personal life. She is married to a great man and they have a lovely daughter together. We're not really friends who interact on a daily basis, but she definitely has a special place in my heart.

Do visit her blog when you get a chance and read some of her candid thoughts on life, friendships, love and everything else :

@SalaminaM on twitter.

I love Salamina Mosese!!


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  1. Wow wonderfully written indeed from one girl that looks like the other. Pearl and Salamina you guys look alike for really and personality match's, well from a distance. Salamina being a senior in the industry you can share a lot with dear Pearl. And yes Salamina's blog is an interesting one. Thanks Pearl for the beautiful show you have.

    Sister Love