Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Avon/Justine iThemba walkathon

I love doing good.  I love doing good for others. I love it when people smile because of something good I've done for them.

For quite some time, I have questioned what my purpose here on earth was and I wasn't able to find answers until now.
I questioned myself, I questioned friends... and I still couldn't figure out what my purpose was.
It wasn't until I started questioning God that it started becoming clear.

My purpose is to serve. My purpose is to make a difference in people's lives. My purpose is to make a positive contribution in the world. My purpose is to use the platform that I have to influence social change.

I was so happy when Avon/Justine asked me to MC their annual iThemba walkathon. The iThemba walkathon is in aid of Breast Cancer awareness and education and the message that early detection saves lives is at the crusade's core. Since 2001, R10 million has been raised through iThemba product sales and and donated to breast cancer awareness programmes that help women face the trauma and stress of cancer. This year saw 20 000 people walking in support of breast cancer awareness.

Being part of this special event made me feel like I was part of something that was bigger than me. I appreciated my life even more when I heard people share their stories of how cancer had affected their lives and it inspired me how through all the trauma, they still remained positive and optimistic about life. I felt so lucky to have been able to have one-on-one conversations with some of the survivors and gained so much strength from our conversations.

We often complain about life and how difficult it is to get through. Now imagine having to get through the difficulties of life while going through chemotherapy, while trying to fight for your life.
I take my hat off to all the cancer survivors! I cannot even begin to imagine what you're been through / still going through, but I applaud you for your strength and understand that it can't be easy.

Thank you to Avon/Justine iThemba for such a worthy cause. MCing the event ignited something in me. A need to get involved more, to really make a contribution in some way or another.
And... I WILL !
It is my purpose after all.

Pearl Modiadie

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