Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hair...cocktails... and a good cry!

Yes, I changed my hair again! I really enjoyed the braids, but I missed having a weave. My braids were starting to fall out and the endless trips to the hair salon for 'repairs' was getting tiring. I'm happy with my not so new 'new look'. 
I get all my hair from Demi Godess, you can check them out on

I was out and about on Saturday! This past weekend's weather was gorgeous and I decided to go out for some yummy cocktails! It didn't hurt that the company was also super awesome! 
I am thoroughly enjoying my weekends especially since I started having them all to myself. For 4 years I hosted a weekend breakfast radio show every Saturday and Sunday and hardly enjoyed time away from work to the fullest because I'd always worry about having to go to work the next day so I'd take it easy if do anything at all, turning down lunch/dinner invites had become my thing. It feels good to just kick back, relax and not worry about having to come up with interesting radio content for the next day. They'll come a time where I'll be doing it again and I won't complain about it,but right now I'm enjoying the break.
I'm relaxing more and more also because the festive season is fast approaching and I'm literally a month away from my Mozambique get-away with the girls. I have never been there before and have only heard great things about it, I hope it lives up to the hype!

I was shooting my TV show (Zaziwa) yesterday and it was quite stressful. We started way later than planned because of a technical crisis which really messed up our schedule, but we luckily recovered and got 3 out of 4 shows in the can. It's 3 very good shows so that's one thing I'm happy about. I always appreciate it when people, especially guests go out of their way to make the show a huge success!
I got home and feeling a little overwhelmed, I cried it all out. I'm a crier, I cry about everything and I keep doing it because I know how much better I feel once the 'crying session' is over. Some people scream and shout, some call a friend, some slip into a dark hole... 
I cry. 

All in all, I'm still in a good space.

Pearl Modiadie

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