Tuesday, November 5, 2013

26 around the corner...

So, it looks like I have found the fountain of youth...hehehe. Well, only today. I woke up and literally said to myself "I want to look 21 today' and there I was trying to create a hairstyle that would make me look younger! I also tried to pull off poses that would come across as youthful as possible! Why? I have no freaken idea, it was so random. 

Could it possibly be because I turn 26 in December?  That's one month away! What happened to me being 25? It's always so cool saying you're 25. It's not too old or too young, just right! I can't believe I'll be  in my LATE twenties next month! Before I know it, I'll be a 30 year old woman! 
I'm gonna make 30 look so damn good! 

Looking back at the 25 year old me, I think I did it justice. I made some major moves this year, grown up moves and decisions. I left 2 jobs to allow myself the opportunity to grow and be a better version of me.  I left my permanent comfortable environment that I had been a part of for 5 years to venture into what was at that time still an idea that has eventually turned into an amazing TV show that I get to produce content for and also host! For this , I am grateful.
I also left my job as a radio DJ so I could fully commit to this new venture that set my soul alight.

I won't lie, I miss radio terribly; but more often than not life requires us to break out of our comfort zone. I read somewhere that for maximum performance, one sometimes needs a state of relative anxiety - a space where our stress levels are slightly higher than normal. This space is called 'Optimal anxiety' and it's just outside our comfort zone. I felt a lot of this when I was making my decisions to leave my comfort zones and instead of being scared, I was actually excited about the possibilities that were awaiting my big leap of faith. I anticipated the big jump into the unknown and looking back, I have no regrets ! Life is about taking that chance and making the most of whatever it brings with it because every experience is a lesson and you really can't help but grow and learn from it whether it produces the results you were anticipating or not.

I am excited about my next leap of faith
I am excited about the endless possibilities that are awaiting my need for 'optimal anxiety'
I am excited about diving into the unknown once again
I am excited about life
I am excited about love
I am excited about turning 26.

Pearl Modiadie

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